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Holiday Cheer

So I had a lot of fun photographing my little one for my Christmas cards this year.

I bought a cute little elf hat from

I set up my jewelry photo lights and snapped away. Since my little one is such a wiggle worm, I had no idea what I would end up with. He was pulling his hat off and having a good time. I ended up with a lot of good photos. Here is my favorite!

Secret Tuesday Sale

OHMYGOODNESS where have I been?

This holiday season has just gotten away from me. First of all it was baby's first Christmas....awwwww. But he was so sick. So sorry about no sale last week.

Today's sale is for 10% off the Tigers' Eye Citrine Twist Necklace in my Etsy Store. I will also pay snail mail shipping and I will pay your tax if you are in CA. SO if you have been eyeing that is YOUR day!

Please wait for a revised invoice though Paypal before paying.

One last HURRAH (sale) before the Holidays

Let's see what will Tuesday's Sale be? ........

How about everything! 10% off of everything in my Etsy Shop for Tuesday, December 16..starting midnight eastern time and ending midnight pacific time. So there's an extra 3 Hours.

AND...regular USPS shipping is free!

Please note some items are made when you order them and may take a few days to whip up. Those items are noted in the product descriptions.

So, if you would like to take advantage of this may wait for a revised paypal invoice before making payment...or if you just want to make the payment right away I will credit back the difference right away.

Ca residents please remember there is 7.75% sales tax.

This Saturday is Converge!

This weekend is the trunk show at my home. I have invited four other artists and vendors to to show off their treasures for your holiday shopping enjoyment.

How do you get invited? Become a customer or a friend. If I have somehow forgotten you, please email me though the contact page at Laura Hunter Jewelry . All my jewelry will be 10% off and for my best customers and additional coupon was sent to you!

This should be a fun time. Look forward to seeing you.

The back of the invitation is posted above. Click on the photo if you would like it enlarged.

Okay. I am off to clean the house. FUN! The unglamorous part.

Handmade Jewelry sale continues

The 10% off sales and free shipping over $100 (regular mail), will continue though this Friday!

Click on my Etsy shop on the Right hand side and find a fabulous gift for yourself or someone else!

Not a sceret any more

Everything in my Etsy store this week is 10% off! And if you spend over $100, regular USPS shipping is free!

Go ahead and check out and then I will send you a revised invoice. Or if you choose to follow though to PayPal, I will refund the 10% and the shipping.

If you live in California....please keep in mind the sales tax is 7.75%.

Happy Shopping!


North Park Craft Mafia's Holiday Hit List this Sunday

If you are looking for a place to do some holiday shopping this weekend and want to stay away from the crowds a the mall, then check out the Holiday Hit List put on by the North Park Craft Mafia!

The Show is at the NTC Promenade in Liberty Station (that's Pt. Loma off of Rosecrans...near the airport)

Go to the web site

Be sure to stop by and say "Hi"

Snow Queen Finally UP!

The Snow Queen 2 Necklace has been completed for some time now. I just have not been able to photograph it properly. As you can see there is still some glare and bright spots on the Quartz Crystal....but this will just have to do.

Back in September I had discussed how to make your own hammered jump rings. Here is a good example of what they look like. To see another example visit my Etsy store and view the Delicious Wrap Necklace and/or earrings:

I plan to list this necklace on Etsy this week. I have a show coming up this Sunday and if it sells it sells.

Bogus Etsy Purchase

African Sky Necklace Pictured above.

Okay, so I am going to gripe this morning.

Yesterday morning I logged on Etsy bright and early to list an item for all those holiday shoppers at work. This item (an expensive item) was immediately purchased. I was quite pleased and immediately told my husband the good news.

Then 5 minutes later I receive this e-mail.

"my niece is on my account helping me set it up. she ordered something, i think. please cancel the invoice. sorry."

Well, as you can imagine I was bummed.

But, what I was even more bummed about is that I lost about 20 hearts on the item. I see the hearts as very valuable. Someone on the Etsymom Team was kind enough to include my African Sky Necklace in their treasury and it received a lot of notice and a lot of hearts.

So now, that I have filed all the refund stuff with Etsy...I now have to recreate the whole listing. (Apparently I was supposed to relist before I reported the cancellation to Etsy...but I was concerned about loosing …


Instead of Cyber Monday, LHJewelryBoutique is having Cyber Tuesday!

Everything is 10% off except long necklaces (Hey Gorgeous, Lucky Find & Blue Lace Lariat)

At check out please let me know you saw the sale here. You may pay with PayPal and I will credit back the 10% or just wait for the revised invoice and pay then. (CA Residents include 7.75% sales tax)

(Photo preview of jewelry to come later this week!)

New Etsy Treasury

Inspired by the cute elf hat I bought for Aeron


Today is the Secret Tuesday Sale. Hurray! Just in time for Holiday shopping.

Any and all hoop earrings on Etsy are 10% off today though midnight pacific.

Please let me know at checkout about the sale you saw on my blog and I will credit your 10% back. (CA please keep in mind there is 7.75% sales tax)

Happy Shopping

Yesterday at the Talmadge Art Show

The Talmadge Art Show held , November 23, was filled with lots of interesting treasures.

There were many artists with great works for sale. To my right was a woman who did awesome silver smithing. I watched so many attendants touch this super long and weighty handmade sterling silver chain all day long. The amount of work that went into the chain must have been immense.

To my left was a woman who made her own lampwork! I only look at the stuff to make it in the Rio Grande catalog and wouldn't have a clue what to do with it.

Behind me was a woman who took vintage parts and made jewelry, Lizzie B. I got a Christmas present for myself there. A cute bracelet made out of old typewriter keys which spelled out PEACE. Her concept was kind of Steampunk, which I think is so cool. I couldn't bear to deck myself or my house out living that lifestyle, but I really appreciate the whole concept of it. Love IT!

Across from me was an artist, Anesart, who made these gr…

Talmadge Art Show this weekend!

Be sure to stop by and say Hello!


Once again!

Today's sale is Turquoise Briolettes! Anything with a Turquoise Briolette is 10% off today though midnight pacific.

Please let me know you saw it here at checkout and I will credit your PayPal account 10% back.

(Ca please keep in mind there is 7.75% sales tax)

Happy Shopping.


Today's secret sale is 10% off the new Disco Hoops!

They are pictured in gold on Etsy but you may request them in silver as well.

Sale is good though midnight, pacific, November 11, 2008.

Please let me know at check out that you saw it here and I will credit the 10% back to you.

(CA sales subject to 7.75% tax)


It's Tuesday ....time for the SECRET TUESDAY SALE!

Today's sale is 10% off almost the entire Etsy store - except long necklaces (lucky find, favorite chain and hey gorgeous). There is one thing you HAVE to do to get the 10% off today. VOTE.

If you have already voted tell me at check out. Write in your notes at checkout, "I love democracy and have exercised my right to vote."

Based on this I will credit 10% back to your Paypal account.

Getting Ready for more San Diego Art and Craft Shows

It is certainly a busy time of year right now. I am getting ready for four major events! I will post them below. I always feel like I just need to make a few more pieces so that I am throughly prepared. It usually pays off though. On several occasions, it's that last item I squeezed in time to make that sells!

New item pictured above! Olive Wraps

My next show is for the Rady Children's Hosptial Axillary fund raiser. There were really a lot of quality items for sale last year. The best part is that a portion of each sale goes to the hospital! If you can possibly make it Wednesday morning...please come by. I will be VERY tired...but happy to be there. (Why will you be tired Laura?) Because I am going to the Madonna concert the night before! I am so excited. I am going with my girlfriends. My husband is staying home with the baby (and will be texting me election results). ...So being tired will be worth it.

Here are the Art & Craft shows in San Diego, CA.



It's the Secret Tuesday sale again today 10/28/08!

Today's sale is the African Sky Necklace! 10% off the African Sky Necklace, plus a pair of tiny matching earrings will be given with your purchase.

Please mention the Secret Tuesday Sale from the Laura Hunter Jewelry Blog and I will credit you Paypal Account.

Thanks for shopping!



Today's Secret Tuesday Sale is ...

10% off anything with Tiger Ebony Wood!

Please let me know you saw the Secret Tuesday Sale on my blog in the check out section and I will refund the 10% back to your Paypal account.

Happy Shopping

San Diego Art & Craft Shows 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008 10 am to 12 Noon.
Java Mama Fall Boutique
Monday, October 20, 2008, 10 AM - Noon
8250 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91941

"Browse from a selection of handbags, jewelry, baby clothes and accessories made by local moms!"

Boo Parade
Saturday, October 25, 2008, 12 PM - 6PM
Parade: El Cajon Blvd. & College Ave.
Carnival: Clay Park @ Art Street; Noon - 6pm
Call (619) 582-1093 for information

"I will be sharing a booth space with Belladonna Jewelry...look for Belladonna on the vendor map."

Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Semi-Annual Meeting Boutique
Tuesday, November 5, 2008, 9:30 AM to 1 PM
Hyatt Mission Bay
1441 Quivira Road,
San Diego, California, USA92109
619 224 1234

"This is a wonderful sh…


It's that time of the week again for the Secret Tuesday Sale!!! Hurray!

Okay...what'll it be? How about Turquoise Briolettes again? That'll be it.

10% off anything in my Etsy shop with Turquoise Briolettes.

This sale is good though 12 PM Pacific Time.

At check out, please write that you saw it here in the Laura Hunter Jewelry Blogspot and I will refund your Paypal account 10%.

Happy Shopping!

More Preparations

So many things to think about this week.

I am heading into my first two shows next week. I need to make sure all my jewelry has hang tags. I also need to make sure all the jewelry is polished and looking good. I typically use the Sun Ray cleaning cloths or liquid. Both work great! When I sum it up here, it doesn't sound like a lot of work...but it's funny that it turns out to be pretty time consuming. I also need to pick up the jewelry I have on display at Chakra Pilates. is where I go for Pilates. My jewelry is also displayed there as well. (If you really want to get into shape....Pilates is the way to do it!!! )

Last night I got a spot on the Etsy Treasury. Check it out:

It's Friday.

It's Friday. Makes me want some fries. I have eaten a lot of comfort food this week. Mac n' cheese...Cheese enchiladas....I am beginning to see a cheese theme here. I am trying to recover from my car accident last week where my baby and I were rearended on the freeway. Baby is okay. I am still sore. It makes working on jewelry pretty difficult since I bend over a lot. Sadly my car was deemed a total loss yesterday.

I have so much to do right now since I am getting ready for many holiday shows. My first one is coming up on Monday, October 20th at 10am at JavaMama Cafe in La Mesa, California. There will be many items for moms and babies for sale.

I am also working on a slew of simple earrings for a "Under $20" rack. They are basically small stones (usually briolette) and wire wrapped. They range anywhere from $11 to $19 depending on the stone and the type and gauge of wire.

I am hoping to be better I can get the ball rollin…


Hello's SALE day!

Today's ETSY Secret Tuesday Sale is 10% any jewelry with Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

In the Etsy check out let me know about the Secret Tuesday Sale from the Laura Hunter Jewelry blog and I will credit the 10% back to your Paypal account.

Happy shopping,


More Etsy Advertising

Well my Sunday advertising in the Etsy Autumn showcase has ended. Yet again, the results are so-so. Not horrible, but not having me stalking the showcase reservation page for more opportunities.

The showcase is slightly harder to track, since viewers can view the image, enlarge it, but do not have to click though to your shop. I could only track a click though. Which is what I ultimately want anyway.

Since these spaces are $15 for 24 cost for click though is $0.176 (.18 rounded up) That's a lot of dough considering a listing or relisting is $0.20. And as I noted earlier, a listing usually pulls though a few views at the least.

I picked up about 10 hearts (marked as favorite) either as a seller or on a product. I hope to see them back soon to pick a lovely gift for themselves or someone else.

Would I do it again? Maybe. I am redoing some photography. I think that will help a lot. However, at this point, I think relisting items a lot is a more economical route…


What a day yesterday. Someone hit me and the baby in my car on the freeway yesterday. We are okay. I am banged up. Apparently car seats work pretty well. Thank God! My car on the other hand doesn't seem so happy. I guess I will find out what's wrong today.

It looks as though Fedex will drop off my lighting today. I will be moving away from natural lighting to using photo lights and/or a light tent on my jewelry. On my way home from Pilates yesterday, I stopped at the craft store to pick up some lovely paper for back drops. On the way home is when my car got hit. The paper doesn't look so good anymore.

Before my car was towed, I asked my husband to get the stuff out of the trunk. I asked, "did you get the paper?" He said, "that wrinkled up paper?" Sigh. I guess better the paper than the people.


Does your creativity come in waves? Mine does. I will go for weeks with out any inspiration then all of a sudden one new idea leads to another. It's kind of weird how it happens that way.

Sometimes shopping for new materials is helpful. Sometimes browsing though fashion magazines helpful. Sometimes nothing is helpful. Luckily, I am currently on a creative wave. I keep a little book on my bench so I can jot ideas down and sketch out my ideas. It seems like more ideas come as I am working on my jewelry.

So what is happening now? Well I have modified the shape of my hoop earrings. I wrapped my tear dropped shape earrings around a wider base (the bottom part) and it makes a more circular tear drop shape. (Is that making sense?) Anyhow, I really like it. I will keep the original shape for my designs I have been making for awhile, like the Coral and Turquoise bead hoops pictured above. I think I will make some plain hoops in gold in silver in this new design as well. Som…


It's not so secret anymore.

What's on sale? Take 10% off any jewelry with a Turquoise Briolette. Sale good today, Tuesday, September 30, 2008 through MIDNIGHT Pacific.

Please put in your checkout notes "Secret Tuesday Sale from Laura Hunter Handmade Jewelry Blogspot." I will then credit the 10% back to your PayPal account.

hammered jump rings

Happy Friday!

It's already shaping up to be a crazy day. I have a hair cut appointment I completely forgot about at 11:45; my husband ran over a bolt yesterday and we had to take his car in to get repaired this morning and I can hear Aeron rolling around in his crib....not taking a nap. Hope things go more my hair. I hope my hair stylist will tame the mop on my head, which I unfortunately have no time to straighten anymore. ;(

Today's topic is a continuation of yesterday's discussion about the Snow Queen Necklace. But this time it is a HOW TO make hammered rings. (jump ring that is) At first I was making teeny tiny 6mm soldered jump rings myself, but soon discovered the work to be quite grueling. I enjoy making large, heavy gauge ones, but will leave the teeny tiny ones to someone else.

For hammered jump rings to use in necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I start with purchasing 6 mm heavy jump rings. Usually about 19/18 gauge. I then use a bench block …

Is anyone out there?

Hello and welcome to my first blog post titled, "Is anyone out there?" Today, probably not. However, I build will visit.

To make this fun and worth your while, I will have a Secret Tuesday Sale posted every week with a selected item or items from my Etsy Store. Be patient with me, I am a relatively new mom and sometimes my days are started a bit late since I need to feed my little guy first thing...then find my way to the shower. It gets a bit hectic some days managing being a mom, a wife, having a business and being a dancer. Some days I wonder how I will manage. However, if I am not running around like a crazy person then I am totally bored.

So to sum this up, what you'll find around here are some sales (woohoo), some musings on my jewelry business (how-to, what's going on, what's new, shopping trips) life as a stay at home mom with a home business and maybe some belly dance stuff.