Monday, October 6, 2008

More Etsy Advertising

Well my Sunday advertising in the Etsy Autumn showcase has ended. Yet again, the results are so-so. Not horrible, but not having me stalking the showcase reservation page for more opportunities.

The showcase is slightly harder to track, since viewers can view the image, enlarge it, but do not have to click though to your shop. I could only track a click though. Which is what I ultimately want anyway.

Since these spaces are $15 for 24 cost for click though is $0.176 (.18 rounded up) That's a lot of dough considering a listing or relisting is $0.20. And as I noted earlier, a listing usually pulls though a few views at the least.

I picked up about 10 hearts (marked as favorite) either as a seller or on a product. I hope to see them back soon to pick a lovely gift for themselves or someone else.

Would I do it again? Maybe. I am redoing some photography. I think that will help a lot. However, at this point, I think relisting items a lot is a more economical route for me and will garner me the same visibility.

Hope this helps anyone who is considering buying an ad slot of Etsy.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the Secret Tuesday Sale...which isn't so secret. :)

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