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CURRENT STOCK Geode Slices for Necklaces Updated NOVEMBER 2018
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Here is where you choose your favorite druzy geode for your custom necklace at LHJewelryBoutique at  Etsy. Please select the color and the number and let me know which one you would like at checkout. Each druzy is beautiful in its own way.  They look lovelier in person.  The group photo doesn't capture all the detail.  Click on photos to enlarge. Spring Green The popular spring green shade is back.  This is a light, milky, minty green with teal undertones.
Click Photo to Enlarge
Row 1/Top Row: 1-Sold, 2, 3-sold, 4, 5 Row 2/Middle Row: 6-sold, 7, 8-sold, 9-sold 10, 11 Row 3/Middle Bottom Row: 12, 13-sold, 14, 15-sold, 16-Sold, 17
Row Four/Bottom Row: 18, 19, 20-SOLD, 2, 22, 23

Medium Green A best seller and a fan favorite!  A beautiful shade of green with teal undertones.  Click Photo to Enlarge

Row 1/Top Row: 1, 2-sold, 3-sold, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 Row 2: 12, 13-SO…