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New Etsy Treasury

Inspired by the cute elf hat I bought for Aeron


Today is the Secret Tuesday Sale. Hurray! Just in time for Holiday shopping.

Any and all hoop earrings on Etsy are 10% off today though midnight pacific.

Please let me know at checkout about the sale you saw on my blog and I will credit your 10% back. (CA please keep in mind there is 7.75% sales tax)

Happy Shopping

Yesterday at the Talmadge Art Show

The Talmadge Art Show held , November 23, was filled with lots of interesting treasures.

There were many artists with great works for sale. To my right was a woman who did awesome silver smithing. I watched so many attendants touch this super long and weighty handmade sterling silver chain all day long. The amount of work that went into the chain must have been immense.

To my left was a woman who made her own lampwork! I only look at the stuff to make it in the Rio Grande catalog and wouldn't have a clue what to do with it.

Behind me was a woman who took vintage parts and made jewelry, Lizzie B. I got a Christmas present for myself there. A cute bracelet made out of old typewriter keys which spelled out PEACE. Her concept was kind of Steampunk, which I think is so cool. I couldn't bear to deck myself or my house out living that lifestyle, but I really appreciate the whole concept of it. Love IT!

Across from me was an artist, Anesart, who made these gr…

Talmadge Art Show this weekend!

Be sure to stop by and say Hello!


Once again!

Today's sale is Turquoise Briolettes! Anything with a Turquoise Briolette is 10% off today though midnight pacific.

Please let me know you saw it here at checkout and I will credit your PayPal account 10% back.

(Ca please keep in mind there is 7.75% sales tax)

Happy Shopping.


Today's secret sale is 10% off the new Disco Hoops!

They are pictured in gold on Etsy but you may request them in silver as well.

Sale is good though midnight, pacific, November 11, 2008.

Please let me know at check out that you saw it here and I will credit the 10% back to you.

(CA sales subject to 7.75% tax)


It's Tuesday ....time for the SECRET TUESDAY SALE!

Today's sale is 10% off almost the entire Etsy store - except long necklaces (lucky find, favorite chain and hey gorgeous). There is one thing you HAVE to do to get the 10% off today. VOTE.

If you have already voted tell me at check out. Write in your notes at checkout, "I love democracy and have exercised my right to vote."

Based on this I will credit 10% back to your Paypal account.