Does your creativity come in waves? Mine does. I will go for weeks with out any inspiration then all of a sudden one new idea leads to another. It's kind of weird how it happens that way.

Sometimes shopping for new materials is helpful. Sometimes browsing though fashion magazines helpful. Sometimes nothing is helpful. Luckily, I am currently on a creative wave. I keep a little book on my bench so I can jot ideas down and sketch out my ideas. It seems like more ideas come as I am working on my jewelry.

So what is happening now? Well I have modified the shape of my hoop earrings. I wrapped my tear dropped shape earrings around a wider base (the bottom part) and it makes a more circular tear drop shape. (Is that making sense?) Anyhow, I really like it. I will keep the original shape for my designs I have been making for awhile, like the Coral and Turquoise bead hoops pictured above. I think I will make some plain hoops in gold in silver in this new design as well. Sometimes it's nice to have some basic hoops.

I am currently ramping up on new designs and inventory for all the holiday shows. Yea!


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