Is anyone out there?

Hello and welcome to my first blog post titled, "Is anyone out there?" Today, probably not. However, I build will visit.

To make this fun and worth your while, I will have a Secret Tuesday Sale posted every week with a selected item or items from my Etsy Store. Be patient with me, I am a relatively new mom and sometimes my days are started a bit late since I need to feed my little guy first thing...then find my way to the shower. It gets a bit hectic some days managing being a mom, a wife, having a business and being a dancer. Some days I wonder how I will manage. However, if I am not running around like a crazy person then I am totally bored.

So to sum this up, what you'll find around here are some sales (woohoo), some musings on my jewelry business (how-to, what's going on, what's new, shopping trips) life as a stay at home mom with a home business and maybe some belly dance stuff.


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