Friday, September 19, 2008

hammered jump rings

Happy Friday!

It's already shaping up to be a crazy day. I have a hair cut appointment I completely forgot about at 11:45; my husband ran over a bolt yesterday and we had to take his car in to get repaired this morning and I can hear Aeron rolling around in his crib....not taking a nap. Hope things go more my hair. I hope my hair stylist will tame the mop on my head, which I unfortunately have no time to straighten anymore. ;(

Today's topic is a continuation of yesterday's discussion about the Snow Queen Necklace. But this time it is a HOW TO make hammered rings. (jump ring that is) At first I was making teeny tiny 6mm soldered jump rings myself, but soon discovered the work to be quite grueling. I enjoy making large, heavy gauge ones, but will leave the teeny tiny ones to someone else.

For hammered jump rings to use in necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I start with purchasing 6 mm heavy jump rings. Usually about 19/18 gauge. I then use a bench block and a chasing hammer to pound them flat making sure that the circle is even on all side. Once finished, I clean the rings in jewelry cleaner. I like the one by SunRay ...they make those fantastic cleaning clothes as well. That is it. It's pretty easy...but takes some time. The end result is pretty nice.

Since it is Friday I will be posting a new item on Etsy today. They are onyx colored Cubic Zirconia pendant earrings. They are long, elegant and real eye catcher. They are paired with two Swarovski Crystal bicones in Vitrail. Ohhhhlala!

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