Bogus Etsy Purchase

African Sky Necklace Pictured above.

Okay, so I am going to gripe this morning.

Yesterday morning I logged on Etsy bright and early to list an item for all those holiday shoppers at work. This item (an expensive item) was immediately purchased. I was quite pleased and immediately told my husband the good news.

Then 5 minutes later I receive this e-mail.

"my niece is on my account helping me set it up. she ordered something, i think. please cancel the invoice. sorry."

Well, as you can imagine I was bummed.

But, what I was even more bummed about is that I lost about 20 hearts on the item. I see the hearts as very valuable. Someone on the Etsymom Team was kind enough to include my African Sky Necklace in their treasury and it received a lot of notice and a lot of hearts.

So now, that I have filed all the refund stuff with Etsy...I now have to recreate the whole listing. (Apparently I was supposed to relist before I reported the cancellation to Etsy...but I was concerned about loosing the hearts and the emails all crossed and now I am out)

So this all ate up an HOUR of my time yesterday morning. And a good amount of time relisting. And some time stewing about it in my mind.

Plus, I started thinking about all this: When you get to the point of clicking the purchase know what you are doing. It's pretty obvious. And if your niece is helping you with your Etsy store...she is probably savvy enough to know what is going on. I wonder if they were just seeing what would happen when you make a my time and expense?

I posted this mishapps to the Etsymom Team Board and the Etsymoms have been so sweet and supportive....sending hearts. Littleras.etsy made a good point, at least the seller said something so I wasn't waiting around for days to see what happened.

To shake off the bad mojo I have decided to include the matching earrings with the necklace with purchase.

BUT what a pain in the neck all this ordeal was.

So, this week I do plan on posting some new items on Etsy. All of my free time was devoured by Bogus Purchase Episode. I will also be posting tomorrow on my blog, finally, the Snow Queen Necklace with the hammered jump rings. Stay Tuned.


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