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Getting Ready for more San Diego Art and Craft Shows

It is certainly a busy time of year right now. I am getting ready for four major events! I will post them below. I always feel like I just need to make a few more pieces so that I am throughly prepared. It usually pays off though. On several occasions, it's that last item I squeezed in time to make that sells! New item pictured above! Olive Wraps My next show is for the Rady Children's Hosptial Axillary fund raiser. There were really a lot of quality items for sale last year. The best part is that a portion of each sale goes to the hospital! If you can possibly make it Wednesday morning...please come by. I will be VERY tired...but happy to be there. (Why will you be tired Laura?) Because I am going to the Madonna concert the night before! I am so excited. I am going with my girlfriends. My husband is staying home with the baby (and will be texting me election results). ...So being tired will be worth it. Here are the Art & Craft shows in San Diego, C


It's the Secret Tuesday sale again today 10/28/08! Today's sale is the African Sky Necklace! 10% off the African Sky Necklace, plus a pair of tiny matching earrings will be given with your purchase. Please mention the Secret Tuesday Sale from the Laura Hunter Jewelry Blog and I will credit you Paypal Account. Thanks for shopping! Laura


Today's Secret Tuesday Sale is ... 10% off anything with Tiger Ebony Wood! Please let me know you saw the Secret Tuesday Sale on my blog in the check out section and I will refund the 10% back to your Paypal account. Happy Shopping

San Diego Art & Craft Shows 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008 10 am to 12 Noon. Java Mama Fall Boutique Monday, October 20, 2008, 10 AM - Noon 8250 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, CA 91941 "Browse from a selection of handbags, jewelry, baby clothes and accessories made by local moms!" Boo Parade Saturday, October 25, 2008, 12 PM - 6PM Parade: El Cajon Blvd. & College Ave. Carnival: Clay Park @ Art Street; Noon - 6pm Call (619) 582-1093 for information "I will be sharing a booth space with Belladonna Jewelry...look for Belladonna on the vendor map." Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Semi-Annual Meeting Boutique Tuesday, November 5, 2008, 9:30 AM to 1 PM Hyatt Mission Bay


It's that time of the week again for the Secret Tuesday Sale!!! Hurray! Okay...what'll it be? How about Turquoise Briolettes again? That'll be it. 10% off anything in my Etsy shop with Turquoise Briolettes. This sale is good though 12 PM Pacific Time. At check out, please write that you saw it here in the Laura Hunter Jewelry Blogspot and I will refund your Paypal account 10%. Happy Shopping!

More Preparations

So many things to think about this week. I am heading into my first two shows next week. I need to make sure all my jewelry has hang tags. I also need to make sure all the jewelry is polished and looking good. I typically use the Sun Ray cleaning cloths or liquid. Both work great! When I sum it up here, it doesn't sound like a lot of work...but it's funny that it turns out to be pretty time consuming. I also need to pick up the jewelry I have on display at Chakra Pilates. is where I go for Pilates. My jewelry is also displayed there as well. (If you really want to get into shape....Pilates is the way to do it!!! ) Last night I got a spot on the Etsy Treasury. Check it out:

It's Friday.

It's Friday. Makes me want some fries. I have eaten a lot of comfort food this week. Mac n' cheese...Cheese enchiladas....I am beginning to see a cheese theme here. I am trying to recover from my car accident last week where my baby and I were rearended on the freeway. Baby is okay. I am still sore. It makes working on jewelry pretty difficult since I bend over a lot. Sadly my car was deemed a total loss yesterday. I have so much to do right now since I am getting ready for many holiday shows. My first one is coming up on Monday, October 20th at 10am at JavaMama Cafe in La Mesa, California. There will be many items for moms and babies for sale. I am also working on a slew of simple earrings for a "Under $20" rack. They are basically small stones (usually briolette) and wire wrapped. They range anywhere from $11 to $19 depending on the stone and the type and gauge of wire. I am hoping to be better I can get the ball


Hello's SALE day! Today's ETSY Secret Tuesday Sale is 10% any jewelry with Cubic Zirconia (CZ) In the Etsy check out let me know about the Secret Tuesday Sale from the Laura Hunter Jewelry blog and I will credit the 10% back to your Paypal account. Happy shopping, Laura

More Etsy Advertising

Well my Sunday advertising in the Etsy Autumn showcase has ended. Yet again, the results are so-so. Not horrible, but not having me stalking the showcase reservation page for more opportunities. The showcase is slightly harder to track, since viewers can view the image, enlarge it, but do not have to click though to your shop. I could only track a click though. Which is what I ultimately want anyway. Since these spaces are $15 for 24 cost for click though is $0.176 (.18 rounded up) That's a lot of dough considering a listing or relisting is $0.20. And as I noted earlier, a listing usually pulls though a few views at the least. I picked up about 10 hearts (marked as favorite) either as a seller or on a product. I hope to see them back soon to pick a lovely gift for themselves or someone else. Would I do it again? Maybe. I am redoing some photography. I think that will help a lot. However, at this point, I think relisting items a lot is a more economica


What a day yesterday. Someone hit me and the baby in my car on the freeway yesterday. We are okay. I am banged up. Apparently car seats work pretty well. Thank God! My car on the other hand doesn't seem so happy. I guess I will find out what's wrong today. It looks as though Fedex will drop off my lighting today. I will be moving away from natural lighting to using photo lights and/or a light tent on my jewelry. On my way home from Pilates yesterday, I stopped at the craft store to pick up some lovely paper for back drops. On the way home is when my car got hit. The paper doesn't look so good anymore. Before my car was towed, I asked my husband to get the stuff out of the trunk. I asked, "did you get the paper?" He said, "that wrinkled up paper?" Sigh. I guess better the paper than the people.


Does your creativity come in waves? Mine does. I will go for weeks with out any inspiration then all of a sudden one new idea leads to another. It's kind of weird how it happens that way. Sometimes shopping for new materials is helpful. Sometimes browsing though fashion magazines helpful. Sometimes nothing is helpful. Luckily, I am currently on a creative wave. I keep a little book on my bench so I can jot ideas down and sketch out my ideas. It seems like more ideas come as I am working on my jewelry. So what is happening now? Well I have modified the shape of my hoop earrings. I wrapped my tear dropped shape earrings around a wider base (the bottom part) and it makes a more circular tear drop shape. (Is that making sense?) Anyhow, I really like it. I will keep the original shape for my designs I have been making for awhile, like the Coral and Turquoise bead hoops pictured above. I think I will make some plain hoops in gold in silver in this new design as well.