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My Jeweled Totem Earrings were featured on the Front Page of Etsy

On Sunday morning I realized that I had the most traffic - EVER- to my Etsy shop. Thank you ChristiaLP for the awesome exposure. She spent time looking for artists with nice products and great photography AND had never been on the front page of Etsy. Consider me tickled pink.

Laura Hunter Jewelry in Google Shopping

My earrings - Top Row Far Right My latest reading topic is about SEO - Search Engine Optimization. It took me a long - long - long time to start connecting the dots about how all of this works. (And I still have many dots to go) What I really want to do is make jewelry - however - if no one sees it, no one buys it - and then I get featured on TLC's Buried Alive. Shudder. Well, I read tidbits from all over. I read on the Esty Forums, Blogs, web sites... any advice that was easy to follow. I slowly began making tweaks to help my odds of being searchable. One of the biggest and best tweaks I've started making is changing the titles of my jewelry. For example, I like to give names to my jewelry like Hot Hoops , Breathless and Glitz because that they way them make me feel. After I began connecting the dots better, I found out this is not how to name items when selling them on-line. I found out one has to name their items how one searches for them. My task of r

Gold Dipped Feather Earrings - Wire Coiling

Gold Dipped Feather Earrings Yes they are real feathers! The feathers go though an electroplating process where a thick layer of 24k gold adheres to a coating of brass over the feather resulting in a real feather with Gold Overlay. I think these feathers are H-O-T! I decided my own jewelry collection was becoming sparse -since I sell what I make- and made a pair just for myself. It must have been great advertising because I received orders for TWO more pairs of earrings. I have one pair of feathers remaining. I am wondering if they will ever make it to my Etsy shop? If you would like to nab the last pair contact me though Etsy click here to contact me. In addition to earrings I am also using the Gold Overlay Feathers in a few necklaces. These feathers are not matched pairs and are longer than the ones I am using for the earrings. Please take a peek on my Facebook Fan Page. Let me know what you think of the feather s. About the wire coiling. I have been twirling the