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Progression of new materials

Here is the progression from the simple Smoky Quartz and Pink Topaz earrings in the picture below. I've decided to make more hoops. I just love hoop earrings! These are formed into an organic diamond shape using my WigJig Centuar. I then hammer the sterling silver with a mallet to harden it. Next I hammer it with a chasing hammer to flatten the silver in just the right spot. What I get are some lovely organic shaped hoops. I added some AAA smoky quartz, Mystic Pink Topaz Birolettes and some AAA micro faceted onion cut Peridot. What's even better --- the gems can easily be taken off and on for versatility. Two earrings in one. I've hammered out four sterling silver and three 14k gold filled hoops for this weekend. I hope to have all the gems attached. Oh this weekend! Talmadge Art Show! Sunday, May 2 I will be there! There will be 52 artists showing this year. It's centrally located in Hillcrest.

Sea Gems

I will be making a limited quantity of sliced shell and gem jewelry. My sister in law found these lovely shells in a shop while on vacation and brought them home to me thinking I could make them into jewelry. She was right. Here's my first one. This shell is named Thias. I wrapped the Thias shell with 14k gold filled wire and attached 3 georgous citrine heart shaped briolettes to each shell. The glimmer of blue are tiny facetted rondells of Topaz. This will be listed on Etsy today for $74

Desk Chaos

A sign that I am busy - more than one project going at once. One idea leads to another. Those earrings are just a start. Perfect, smooth smokey quartz drops, faceted beautiful green tourmaline, and gorgeous micro faceted pink topaz! I am thinking about adding removable hoops to this design. Gotta toy with that. Check out that Citrine over to the right in the bag. OMG! It's perfect and a gorgeous yellow orange. I have to do something special with those. Above the earrings are onion cut peridot. I am thinking pink and green. Why not? Have fun - it's jewelry.

Almost Done

All I need to do is add the clasp to this bracelet. Polished smooth Ruby, Labradorite, Amethyst, and Tundra Sapphire, compliment a sterling silver chain and hand forged sterling silver clasp. The three large links are the beginning part of the clasp. I still need to add the hook.

Finally Unblocked

After one year of neglecting my blog - I have decided to give this a try once again. I had a huge case of artistic block. Finally inspiration hit a few months ago and I have been busy once again. Here is a picture of some of my new materials. Some of my favorites include London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and Aqua Chalcedony. Thank you to all of my friends who supported me though my difficult time.