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Druzy Ring Stone Selection

Druzy is a stone with a glistening druse of crystals inside.  Many people know them as geodes but in jewelry many like to call them druzy.   Druzy is a big trend in jewelry right now.  It started gaining popularity in 2011 and has continued to gain momentum though 2012 with no end in sight for 2013.   One of my newer designs are rings made from druzy slices.   I frequently use druzy slices in earrings but wanted to find a way to incorporate it into a ring.  Voila, here it is. Pick a Color Druzy Ring Visit: $39 Now you can choose your stone for your ring!  Below is my current inventory for many different colors.  All of the stones have beautiful druses of crystals.  Below are 6 BiColor druzy stones available to be made into a ring.  The bicolor stones have swirls of at least two colors, plum, clear, purple and cobalt.     Please reference from top to bottom, left to right: 1, 2, 3  -- 4, 5,
Druzy Ring Give-A-Way One lucky Twitter fan will win a druzy ring of their choosing on Friday, May 4, 2012.   At a random time I will Tweet "Whoozy for Druzy" the first person to respond with "XOXO Laura Hunter Jewelry" will win a ring. You get to choose what size ring you would like and you get to choose what color you would like.  Colors to choose from are Purple, Green, Teal, Pink or a Blue Purple combination similar to the one pictured above.   If you have any questions Tweet me @LHJewelry