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Talmadge Art Show - May 2010

I had some terrific neighbors at the Talmadge Art Show this weekend. All jewelry designers! Yes, that was an exclamation point. What I find interesting is how we all can use the same materials and turn out jewelry/art that is completely different. Behind me was Miriam Jewels. Miriam crochets 28 gauge sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire. I have seen crocheted jewelry before but NOTHING like this. Just beautiful. She said it's a Peruvian technique. The thinnest gauge wire I use in my work is 26. It's amazing what one can create with wire. Check her out: My neighbor to the right Silver on my Mind, had jewelry that is much bolder than mine and they set stones. Both of us have a thing for blue chalcedony right now and both of us had it in our display, however both of our uses were completely different. Bold vs. Delicate Check Sheila out: My other neighbor was probably the most dramatically different and