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Cats Eye Briolettes

These Moss Aquamarine Cats Eye briolettes are so gorgeous! They are so shiny that they appear wet and serpent like. I find them absolutely memorizing. I wanted to share what they look like with you. As well as some of the designs I making. Pictured here to the left is a pendant necklace with multi sized Cats Eye. The stones in this particular necklace start off dark rich green at the base and then gradually become lighter tuning into a milky green shade. The cluster of stones hangs from a handmade ring that is then hammered for texture and shine. (Hard to see in this photo) The earrings pictured above are a similar design with handmade hammered rings and these beautiful stones adorning them.

Stacking Rings - Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview I love stacking rings and have been admiring them for sometime. I hope you like them too! The rings pictured in the photos are the the ones I made for myself. I was experimenting with size, shape and texture. Each ring is 12 gauge (about 2mm thick). With my samples I found about four rings to look good on my hand. My ring size is 5.5 when I am cold and 6 when I am hot. The photos are not all that great since. They are not the "official" photos. When I am ready to sell them, I will have much better photos for them. It's hard to see the texture in these photographs. Remember this is just a sneak preview. My goal is to have them look textured, organic, grainy and rough while still having shine and smoothness. I have most of the rings soldered, shaped and textured. (Still working a few more for texture and shape) Then, I just need to polish away. I hope to have them all done in a week or so. I am wondering what finger people are interest

New Item Listed

Smokin' Lace Hoops Smoky Quartz is paired with Blue Lace Agate, Swarovski Crystal and Abalone for a look that is Smokin' The gems hang from a 14k gold filled chain and are surrounded by hand formed and hammered 14k gold filled hoops. Looks awesome with the Smokin' Lace Necklace. Pair these earrings with royal blue, navy blue, purple or gray and denim. Earrings are 3" long (8 cm)

Front Page Etsy Treasury

The Treasury I curated Sunday night made it to the front page of Etsy today. Its time has passed on the Front Page but it is still available for viewing for 3 more hours.

Lost In Space

What the heck happened? Well first I was burned out from the Holiday Season. Wait back up.....first I was rear ended in October '08 on the freeway. My car was totaled. It didn't look like a mad wreck or anything but the frame was bent on my Audi, among other things, and fixing it was just a wash. Well, let me say, photographing jewelry and making jewelry with a strained and sprained back and neck is NOT fun. October is obviously the beginning of a very busy the Show Must Go to say. Lots of art and craft shows and lots of things to be done personally and I needed to recover all while caring for a baby. To say the least, by the time January rolled around I was totally burned out! My goal was just to take it easy during January. Well with the slow economy, no shows and slow as hell sales on Etsy, January easily turned into February, which easily turned into March and now I am staring April right in the face! I guess I have been in a bit of a