Laura Hunter Jewelry in Google Shopping

My earrings - Top Row Far Right
My latest reading topic is about SEO - Search Engine Optimization. It took me a long - long - long time to start connecting the dots about how all of this works. (And I still have many dots to go) What I really want to do is make jewelry - however - if no one sees it, no one buys it - and then I get featured on TLC's Buried Alive. Shudder.

Well, I read tidbits from all over. I read on the Esty Forums, Blogs, web sites... any advice that was easy to follow. I slowly began making tweaks to help my odds of being searchable. One of the biggest and best tweaks I've started making is changing the titles of my jewelry. For example, I like to give names to my jewelry like Hot Hoops, Breathless and Glitz because that they way them make me feel. After I began connecting the dots better, I found out this is not how to name items when selling them on-line. I found out one has to name their items how one searches for them.

My task of renaming titles more descriptively is a major work in progress on my LauraHunterJewelry Etsy site. However, last week I began to notice one particular search term show up in my Google Analytics that was bringing good traffic - good meaning lots of views, low bounces, stayed on my site 2 minutes plus and went a few pages deep. "Hey, this looks interesting!" I thought, and followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole.

That meaning, I did the search myself and this is what I found.... my Hot Hoop Earrings .... oops ... my Gold and Silver Hoop Earring with Chalcedony - Two Toned Gold and Silver with Aqua Chalcedony - Hot Hoops in Aqua on page one of Google Shopping! Yeah, success! I then found four more earrings within the first eight pages. I was so excited that I took a picture. Go ahead and say it, "DORK!"

My plan is to keep hacking away at this because I heard that the minute you look the other way you can loose your position. So onward I go.

An Update on my Handmadespark impulse: Since August, 13 the site has seen 16 visitors with 31 page views. Ick. Referrals to Etsy: 0 -


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