Stacking Rings - Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview

I love stacking rings and have been admiring them for sometime. I hope you like them too!

The rings pictured in the photos are the the ones I made for myself. I was experimenting with size, shape and texture. Each ring is 12 gauge (about 2mm thick). With my samples I found about four rings to look good on my hand. My ring size is 5.5 when I am cold and 6 when I am hot.

The photos are not all that great since. They are not the "official" photos. When I am ready to sell them, I will have much better photos for them. It's hard to see the texture in these photographs. Remember this is just a sneak preview.

My goal is to have them look textured, organic, grainy and rough while still having shine and smoothness.

I have most of the rings soldered, shaped and textured. (Still working a few more for texture and shape) Then, I just need to polish away. I hope to have them all done in a week or so.

I am wondering what finger people are interested in wearing stacking rings on? I have been wearing mine on my right ring finger. Let me know.


  1. I love stacked rings when I was a teen...I'm sure they'll be a hit. Your pics look really good.

  2. Wow - The rings are fantastic! I, too, just attempted these (gulp - using a torch!) Your results are much better than my humble attempts but I vow to keep practicing...keep up the good work!


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