Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost In Space

What the heck happened? Well first I was burned out from the Holiday Season. Wait back up.....first I was rear ended in October '08 on the freeway. My car was totaled. It didn't look like a mad wreck or anything but the frame was bent on my Audi, among other things, and fixing it was just a wash. Well, let me say, photographing jewelry and making jewelry with a strained and sprained back and neck is NOT fun. October is obviously the beginning of a very busy the Show Must Go to say. Lots of art and craft shows and lots of things to be done personally and I needed to recover all while caring for a baby. To say the least, by the time January rolled around I was totally burned out!

My goal was just to take it easy during January. Well with the slow economy, no shows and slow as hell sales on Etsy, January easily turned into February, which easily turned into March and now I am staring April right in the face! I guess I have been in a bit of a creative slump as well. I certainly have projects on the horizon. Which I will discuss here in a bit. Just to top off the steaming pile of turd.....I just had basal cell skin cancer cut out of my left shoulder last Friday. I am now sporting some lovely blue stitches and a bandage. The limited mobility is lots of fun too.

I was just accepted in the May 3 Talmadge Art Show for my second spring show with them. Hummm, better get crackin'! I also need to figure out this whole web world if I want to even survive on Etsy. My plan was to do more sales via the web so I could spend more time with my son. Again, better get crackin'!

So what's on the agenda......
Talmadge Art Show _ May 3, 2009
Cirque Boheme - A Lovely Bunch of Vagabonds May 30 - 31, 2008
My dance troupe, Talisman Dance Co, is putting this show on with several other performing artists.

What am I making....
Hammered stacking rings in Sterling Silver and 14k gold-filled (super pretty and everyday wearable!)
Green Brazilian Cats Eye Briolettes...These stones appear reptilian ... Gorgeous Stones. ... Earrings, necklaces & bracelets to come!
More earrings earrings earrings....since everyone seems to love them

Check back later for more info

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  1. Love your jewelry - anxious to see you silver stacked rings...