How to wrap a lariat - Blue Druzy Necklace- Azurite - Gold Leaft

Blue Druzy Necklace - Azurite Lariat - Gold Dipped Leaf Lariat - Galaxy Lariat
Extra long lariat made from 14k gold filled flat cable chain can be worn as many ways as your imagination wonders. So far, I've found four great looks. All are posted below.

Yes, the sparkling Azurite pendant is really that blue. Bright electric blue with natural sparkle. It's amazing. I just can't stop staring at.

The leaf is an extra long natural (real) leaf with a 24k gold heavy overlay.

The leaf and azurite are attached with 14k gold filled wire and a sparkling gold tundra sapphire.

The two interlocking links are handcrafted from 14k gold fill.

The chain measures 37 1/2 inches (approx 95 cm)
The Azurite is 27 x 19mm
The leaf is 87 mm long
Total length is 43.5 " long (approx 111 cm)

Two Ways to Wear as a medium length necklace:

Top Photo: Wrap twice around neck. Slightly uneven so that the links and azurite rest higher than the leaf. Thread leaf though links.

Bottom Photo: Fold chain in half. Slightly uneven again so that the azurite and links rest higher than the leaf. Hold folded part of the chain near the hollow of your neck and wrap the rest of the necklace around your neck so that both ends meet at the hollow of your neck. Thread lariat though the folded part of the chain.

Two ways to wear this necklace very long:

Left Photo: Simply tie the chain where you want it to meet on your neck.

Right Photo: Thread the leaf though the links. Pull leaf (gently) until it rests where you like it.


  1. Laura I LOVE this lariat! I do not see it on your "for sale" items though. It is stunning!


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