Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Progression of new materials

Here is the progression from the simple Smoky Quartz and Pink Topaz earrings in the picture below.
I've decided to make more hoops. I just love hoop earrings! These are formed into an organic diamond shape using my WigJig Centuar. I then hammer the sterling silver with a mallet to harden it. Next I hammer it with a chasing hammer to flatten the silver in just the right spot. What I get are some lovely organic shaped hoops.

I added some AAA smoky quartz, Mystic Pink Topaz Birolettes and some AAA micro faceted onion cut Peridot.

What's even better --- the gems can easily be taken off and on for versatility. Two earrings in one.

I've hammered out four sterling silver and three 14k gold filled hoops for this weekend. I hope to have all the gems attached.

Oh this weekend!

Talmadge Art Show! Sunday, May 2
I will be there!

There will be 52 artists showing this year. It's centrally located in Hillcrest.

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