Monday, January 12, 2009

New item this week

I will be posting a new necklace in the Etsy shop this week....the Moss & Leaf Necklace!

The Moss & Leaf Necklace's main focal point includes an exquisite 24k gold dipped Birch Leaf. The necklace strand has six handmade 14k gold-filled rings with mossy colored nuggets of Chrysocolla adorning the center of each ring. The chain is 14k gold-filled.

I just love gold dipped leaves. I remember my mother had a necklace with one when I was a little girl....sometime in the late 1970's possibly early 80's. When I came across these leaves over a year ago, I fashioned a similar necklace to this one for her. However, her leaf is a dipped Aspen and inside of each ring sits Murano glass with a shape that is reminiscent of a falling leaf. Every time she wears it she said she received many many compliments.

Funny thing about the necklace I made for my mom; she was wearing it when I was in labor with my baby. I reminded her that she was wearing it, last time she wore it, but she doesn't recall. I guess I must have been focusing on it as my little distraction. Now that's a necklace! :)

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